Water Gun

IMG_9129Plastic water guns can be so much fun! Read More…


Happy Holidays!

it’s that time of the year again. Outside it’s cold and dark, time to celebrate with light.

Either a X-mas tree lights or Chanukka candles, both turn a damp evening which gets dark too early into a cozy stay-in.

Add some lively colors and you get the winter’s equivalent to a bonfire.

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Shooting flakes

First snow. It’s time to dress up warm and hit the streets. Just going out, that first impact that something looks different. it’s all so quiet. the Flakes fall slowly down and spread light all over. It is the light that the street lanterns spread that we want to catch. it glows like transparent fog. […]

Hello world!


I’m not hiding.
The website will be back at some point. Till then, this is just to say: I am working on it.

In the meanwhile you can find me on FaceBook. I’m the only Ami Osherov out there