Shooting flakes

First snow. It’s time to dress up warm and hit the streets.


Just going out, that first impact that something looks different. it’s all so quiet. the Flakes fall slowly down and spread light all over.

It is the light that the street lanterns spread that we want to catch. it glows like transparent fog. Catching that light is all it is about.

the Dark night and the very bright lights added to the shiny snow flakes make challenging to get just right.

As far as exposure gets, too long will make it all disappear, too short and you’ll end up with spots. The atmosphere of snow is the slow movement.

That night was no blizzard, hardly any wind, so the flakes fell down slowly. I cranked up the ISO, as still, faster than 1/30 didn’t get anything “dreamy” about the scene. it’s balancing not “burning” the light spots” while getting long enough exposure to capture the movement and not freeze it – snow flakes look like dust when they are frozen by high shutter speed. Add to that one crisp element in the frame, so it won’t look simply blurry and there you have it. Giving the feeling it wasn’t the camera that was shaking but the world was moving.

Get back inside and drink something warm while you go through the pictures, correct color balance and share with the world.



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